6 Ingredients to the Perfect Meeting Invitation

Have you ever gotten a calendar invite that left you with some questions? Maybe the exact time, attendees, or agenda? For you beautiful extroverts, you don’t bat an eye — you’re used to showing up and being the life of the party. But for introverts and busy people, loosey-goosey invitations make us crazy. How do you write a subject line and calendar invite email that works for everyone? Let’s explore 6 key ingredients for the perfect calendar invite:

1. Your Perfect Calendar Invite Needs a Descriptive Title

How will your invitation look on someone’s calendar? Will it tell them what the meeting is all about? They should look something like: Amy Calls Kris to Review Content Marketing Proposal. There shouldn’t be any question about the purpose of the meeting. This title also informs attendees of who will initiate the phone call? Easy-peasy and removes any question on attendee’s part on whether they were supposed to make the call to start the conversation.

2. What’s the Meeting Date and Time?

What time the meeting will begin? (Don’t forget about the different time zones!) If you’re with a group of busy executives, they don’t want to wait 10 minutes for everyone to arrive and get settled. Be known as the person who starts on time.

3. What’s the Meeting Location?

In your meeting invite email should include the location of the meeting. Zoom makes it easy — you just need a link for a virtual meeting. But what if it’s a restaurant for a lunch meeting or a conference room? Don’t just include the name of the venue, include the address as well, and any other relevant information, like “Suite B” or President’s Club.

4. How Long Will It Last?

The perfect calendar invite lets people know the expected time of your meeting take. This allows them to plan their entire day more efficiently and not have to leave your meeting early.

5. Who Are the Attendees?

Let people see the list of all invited people. (Using a cloud-based calendar like Google Calendar makes this very easy.) As people prepare for your meeting, they’ll know who is involved and what perspectives will be at the table. It’s one more layer of information that helps shape the expectations. 

6. Include an Agenda for a Perfect Calendar Invite

Not all meetings need an agenda, but a business meeting definitely does! Being clear on talking points allows people to prepare for any discussion you’d like to have during the meeting. A meeting agenda also ensures you’re able to cover all the things you need to cover during your time together. It also helps the meeting be as productive as possible. You’ll also find that a clear agenda will help you avoid interruptions, because people know when particular parts of the discussion will occur. They know that any issues or concerns they have can be discussed at a particular point.

Agendas keep your meeting moving forward, helping you set a pace that allows you to cover all items on the list.

Rules for Engagement

Have you ever sent a calendar invite to a group of people and all you heard was crickets? Maybe all are planning to attend, but without confirmation, you’re left up in the air, wondering if you should reschedule. Follow these simple rules for engagement when you’re on the receiving end of a calendar invite.


First and foremost, respond! A simple yes, no, or maybe will help everyone best prepare for the meeting. If you can’t attend, see if there’s anything you can provide ahead of time to help the meeting move forward without you.


Review the meeting agenda and prepare as needed. If you have questions, ask. If there are documents to review, take notes as you do so. And if there is data you need to gather, make it happen. Proper preparation will ensure that the meeting is efficient and meaningful for all involved.

Be On Time

In an introvert’s world, showing up on time usually means showing up early. But at least be on time. Don’t leave others waiting. Don’t force others to waste the first 10 minutes on chit chat, waiting for everyone to be ready to talk. 


Your time and perspective are valuable. Make the most of the meeting by giving it your full attention. They included you for a reason. Come prepared, ready to participate. 

When you include these 6 key ingredients in every calendar invite, you’ll be well on your way to more productive, engaging meetings. And when you prepare for each meeting you attend, people will increasingly seek your insight and expertise.